Pioneers of The Sport Of Skateboarding

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If you’ve been a skater at the same time in your life or have in interest in the sport then you have likely heard of these names Tony Hawk and Rodney Mullen.

Tony Hawk: Now most people probably heard of the title Tony Hawk. His name is synonymous for fun, action oriented extreme sports. What resulted in his popularity is the debut of his favorite video game series Tony Hawk Pro Skater. But Tony Hawk affected the skateboarding community in various ways. He popularized and advocated organized skateboarding events like the Xgames where he also participated. His notable achievements at these events include”the 900,” a movement where he does a grab trick by turning his entire body 900 degrees. This notable achievement has not been done or recorded by anyone else in the history of the sport. Other extreme sports enthusiasts have tried doing the 900 but it’s much simpler to perform on fixed gear equipment such as bicycles. Tony Hawk completed the 900 three more times upon which is said,”I’m 42 and I did the 900.” This was a trick he wished to complete 10 years ago and he finally achieved his goal.

Rodney Mullen: If you have ever seen someone do a kickflip (a trick involving spinning the board vertically) then you will have Rodney Mullen to thank for this ingenious move. He’s created many other different spin moves and has worked extensively to make more flat ground skateboarding tricks that comprised the impossible (A flatground trick that involves spinning the board around your leg as you would a flag). He also mastered many additional spin moves and his ability to maintain balance on the board made him an entertaining skateboarder to watch. He also introduced and popularized Hormone Replacement Therapy styling as a skateboarding style that other skaters later chose to emulate. His achievement include beating. He has been in 18 full length skateboarding films, largely in montages of himself put to music. He’s also featured in Tony Hawk Pro Skater series as a player that players can choose to play with.

Alan Galfend: Alan Galfend came into skateboarding in the 70s. He invented and popularized the”ollie,” a level floor trick where you jump with the skateboard and pull it together with you towards your own body. This trick later was utilized in flat earth, free style in addition to vert applications. The trick set a whole new twist on skateboarding as the game didn’t have many trick variation until the ollie was created. Generated in the ollie trick, many other tricks were possible including move grab tricks, spins and grind/slides. He later proceeded to open a service shop and a skateboarding store that are equally well renowned in their respective industries.

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